Human Resource Summit - Virtual Edition

8 - 12 March 2021

Virtual Edition - what's the deal?

In 2020, we adapted, tested and perfected a new virtual style of summit that incorporates all the key elements of our usual summits - 1:1 meetings between solution providers and Heads/ Directors of HR, keynote talks, break-out sessions, and plenty of networking opportunities. The response was awesome. Relationships were formed, business goals were effectively addressed, and solutions were discovered.

While we return to our popular live HR Summit in October, we know from the feedback we’ve had that there is a demand for business goals to be tackled earlier in 2021, and the huge perks of a provenly-effective virtual summit means this is an opportunity not to be missed, and a date to go in the diary.

Our virtual events are both time and cost-effective, and tailored to your schedule. Not to mention the great line up of speakers addressing topical issues, sure to be on your radar.

What will the HR21 Virtual Edition look like?

Our objective is quality, rather than quantity, to ensure that the time you give is of maximum productivity, and adaptable to your new way of working. The programme will be HR focused and will include:

  • Morning sessions across 2 days: 2 x opening keynotes, 2 x TED style talks + Q&A, 2 x small group workshops and networking roulette

  • Pre-selected and qualified one to one meetings with the UK’s top solutions providers. These will be 45 minutes in length and scheduled throughout the week of the Summit

  • Additional virtual speaker and roundtable series in the build up to the event, as part of many benefits of joining our summit community

Who's attending?

The Human Resource Summit is a gathering of senior HR decision-makers dedicated to finding the best approach to achieving the Human Resource goals they have set out for their company, and beyond.

Solution providers - 25 solution providers covering everything from employee engagement, leadership development, success management, and organisational development

HR buyers - 50 senior HR professionals representing top corporations from the UK and Ireland

Job titles will include:

  • Head of/Director of HR

  • Head of/Director of People

  • Head of/Director of Organisational Development

  • Head of/Director of Talent

Is the Summit right for you and what's the investment?

If you are a senior Director of HR or equivalent, there is no charge to attend. In advance of the Summit you will pre-select the sessions and suppliers that are of interest and, based on your preferences, we’ll create your personalised schedule.

For the Summit to work for you, you must be a budget-holding HR decision-maker for your organisation and directly influence strategy at a divisional or group level. If this applies to you, register here.

If you are a solution provider interested in hearing more about our meeting packages and sponsorship opportunities, please register your interest and a member of the team will be in touch soon.

How will you benefit from attending?

  • Spontaneous networking returns - The serendipity of bumping into others is something we all miss and the 'networking roulette' function on our events platform allows for just - meet new peers and share best practice!

  • Targeted networking has never been easier - remember trying to dig out some one in a crowd? Or having a conversation whilst desperately trying to read someone's name badge... None of these complications with our platform! Scroll through the list of attendees, click on their name, send a message or start a video call - there and then.

  • Engage in quality meetings with top solution providers - you outline your business objectives, and we pass these on to suppliers in advance of your matched 1:1 meetings. Guaranteed efficient and focused use of your time

  • Hear from leading speakers on relevant, topical HR matters including women in leadership, managing survivors, D&I, technology & the future of work, employee wellbeing. See our programme page for more

  • Year-round benefits of our Summit Community including exclusive offers from solution providers, easily accessible peer-to-peer networking opportunities, and a rolling programme of content throughout the year covering relevant HR happenings, solutions, and insights

Get a sneak peak

This was a special moment at the HR & People Development Summit 2020 (Virtual Edition). Get a sneak preview of part 1 of the brilliant Diversity & Inclusion panel, lead by Andrea Pattico, for an idea of the format of our events and the open nature of discussion that our virtual strategy group sessions hold.

Headline sponsors

See below for our headline sponsors at the HR & People Development Summit 2020 (Virtual Edition)

2020 Delegates

See below for a selection of those who attended the virtual edition of the HR & People Development Summit in 2020

Get in touch with us to gain access to the full list and hear who plans on attending the next summit

2021 speakers

The speaker line up so far...

Register your interest in HR21 (Virtual Edition)

08 - 12 March 2021

Submit your name, company and work email and you will receive further details including:

- the confirmed list of attendees
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- sponsorship options

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