People Development Summit 2020
13-15 July 2020, Dolce La Hulpe, Brussels

The Summit will open at 14:30 on Monday 13 July and ends after lunch at 15:00 on Wednesday 15 July. All participants will stay at the Dolce La Hulpe, Brussels; we cover the cost of 2 nights' accommodation, all meals and refreshments. We cover return travel costs (to a maximum of £150) Where possible, we will arrange transfers from the airport. More information will be provided closer to the event.


- On average 80 Heads of Learning & Development or equivalent will attend from the UK and Ireland.
To qualify for a place all delegates must hold a personal budget of £200k, excluding payroll. Most budgets are in excess of this but if for any reason they have less, we assess the application on a case by case basis. Delegates must be able to demonstrate to us that they are a senior decision maker and attending the event with a specific project in mind.

Suppliers - The Summit is L&D focused and a diverse mix of service providers attend. We aim to make it a one stop shop for the delegates’ requirements, so we are careful not to have too many suppliers with similar offerings. For example, we would only permit 3-4 executive education specialists. Between 45-50 suppliers will attend.

Delegates - As we have a high number of repeat suppliers, we cap the number of returning delegate organisations to a maximum of 35%. In addition, delegates can only attend the event two years consecutively. Before we accept them for a third year, they must have confirmed business with some of the suppliers they met at a Summit.

Suppliers - We have a lot of returning suppliers who benefit from attending the Summit annually or biennially. Over 70% of the suppliers that took part at the 2019 PD Summit were returning attendees!

Delegates sign a contract to attend. A £2,000 cancellation fee is payable if they withdraw after the 2nd October 2020. The fee is in place to protect the event and the interest of the suppliers who sponsor the Summit. We do accept replacements but only if they too are a senior decision maker and budget holder. We would rather charge the fee and take fewer delegates than dilute the quality of the list.

We use an online dashboard for the selections process. Prior to selections, we will ask delegates to complete a company profile which will give critical information about purchasing priorities to enable suppliers to make well informed choices. Suppliers also complete a questionnaire, which will give delegates insight into the products and services on offer at the Summit.

Once selections open, we ask both parties to choose who they would like to meet. On average delegates will make 10 supplier requests. Suppliers will be required to select the number of one-to-one meetings included in their package plus an additional 5 selections as back up. In addition, Suppliers will also have the opportunity to have up to 6 mealtime meetings per representative.

The rating system is as follow:

‘A’ - Highest priority. Most likely to be scheduled as one-to-one meetings

‘B’ - Will be allocated as one-to-one or mealtime meetings

‘C’ – Will usually be allocated to mealtime meetings

Meetings are allocated on a point based system, for example a double sided 1:1 ‘A’ request from both parties has the most likelihood of being scheduled. As suppliers are the paying party the system will always prioritise their selections. It is not compulsory for a delegate to request a supplier in order for a meeting to be allocated.

It is a very transparent process; both parties can see who they have been selected by. All participants will receive their schedules to review on the 25th November, a week prior to the Summit.

Your schedule will be available to review a week before the event, which will allow enough time for both delegates and suppliers to provide feedback and to make any amendments.

Participants will have the opportunity to message each other ahead of the event via the online dashboard to provide further details about why they wish to meet each other. For example, you may already have dealings with their company or you have a specific service/product that you want to highlight to them. Whatever the message may be, this is an effective way of bringing your company to the each other’s attention and will increase your chances of being selected. Only the participant receiving the message will be able to see it.

The Strategy Group programme consists of 8 x 1 hour sessions/workshops and is available to delegates. These all run in parallel to the supplier meetings throughout the Thursday and Friday. There is no sales agenda; all are facilitated by senior L&D professionals and leading academics. Delegates can opt to attend between 3 and 4 sessions in total. We will ask which ones are of interest in advance of the event.

To qualify for a delegate place, you must feel comfortable with the following selection criteria:

- You are a main L&D decision maker for your organisation and directly influence strategy at a divisional or group level
- You personally control a significant L&D budget (this level of budget will normally relate to employee numbers in excess of 500)
- You have a need to meet a number of service providers that are relevant to your business needs during the Summit in a 1-2-1 meeting format
- You are able to take 3 days out of a busy schedule to attend. The results will be worth it!


What support do we receive during the process?
Before the meeting selections open, we will arrange a time to meet with you and the people who are representing your company at the Summit. This meeting normally takes an hour, its purpose is to run through the event, give you a demonstration of the online dashboard and the selection process and show you how to use the system to its full potential. We will also discuss the delegate expectations, share our views/client feedback on what works and what doesn’t. You will be assigned an Account Manager, who will know about your business, core services and what makes you unique and, where appropriate, can recommend you to delegates. The Summit Events team will support and offer assistance throughout the whole process.

What is the typical return suppliers see?
On average suppliers tell us that they will work with 2-3 of the delegates within a 6-12-month period post event. It is common for at least one company to become a major client for bespoke, on-going work.

What is the average deal size?
Based on recent research, the first 12 months after the Summit the average deal size would be approx. £50K. We would be more than happy to arrange a referral with any of our clients if you would like to hear more about their successes and likely ROI.

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