Supplier fact sheet

Rewards, Benefits and Wellbeing Summit
6 - 8 December 2021, Warwick Conferences, Coventry

Warwick Conferences, University of Warwick, Coventry, CV4 7SH

Radcliffe, Warwick Conferences, University of Warwick, Coventry, CV4 7SH

See here for event timings. Please note all evening mealtimes are part of the Summit. There will be a chance for informal networking over lunch.

The Dashboard is now open. You will be sent a link to create a password in order to log on to our secure Dashboard. Please keep this email for future reference as you will need the login details for all future steps.

Once you're logged on, please complete the 3 tabs on the top of your Dashboard:

  1. Your profile: Complete your company profile and upload your travel details by Thursday 4 November. This will take approximately 20 minutes to complete. Please send a high-resolution version of your company logo & a head and shoulder photo of yourself (at least 300 x 300 pixels) to if this is not already showing on the Dashboard.
  2. Selections: Thursday 11 November from this date you can start to select your delegate meetings. The deadline to finalise your choices is Midday Friday 26 November.
  3. Your provisional schedule: Tuesday 30 November your schedule will be available to review.
  4. Schedule change feedback: Wednesday 1 December please notify us if you would like to discuss schedule changes you wish to make to your schedule.

PLEASE NOTE - the ‘Company’ tab can only be completed by the lead representative. Please contact your account manager if you are unsure who the lead representative is.

Suppliers will be required to select the number of one-to-one meetings included in their package plus an additional 8 selections as a backup. In addition, Suppliers will also have the opportunity to have up to 4 mealtime meetings per representative. Please make an additional 5 mealtime requests per representative.

Please review the delegate profiles and make your requests by Midday Friday 26 November. Delegates will also select meetings with you based on the information you have provided in your profile and you will be able to see which delegates have asked for a meeting with you under each of their profiles.

Your schedule will be available to review on Tuesday 30 November. If there are any supplier meetings that you feel would not be a good use of time for either party, please notify us on Wednesday 1 December. We cannot guarantee any amendment requests after this date.

Please note that you will receive your final timetable when you arrive at the event.

We will reimburse travel up to £100 after the event directly to your nominated bank account.

When you submit details of your transport expenses on our Dashboard you will also be asked to complete the name of the account holder, account number and sort code together with the cost of your travel. Don’t forget to send us a copy of your e-ticket/receipt. If you are driving please declare how many miles so we can expense you at 0.45p a mile. We will transfer all refunds within two weeks of the event.

Registration takes place at Registration takes place in Radcliffe, Warwick Conferences at 14:30 so please make sure you arrive in good time for this!

If you are travelling by train, we recommend heading to Coventry Rail Station. You can easily reach Coventry Station from all over the UK, many of which run frequent and direct services. Taxis are readily available from the bus terminal, and the campus is just a short (approx. 10 min) journey away. If it is more convenient to travel to Warwick Train Station, please bear in mind this is approx. 20 minutes from Warwick Conferences.

If you are planning on driving, free car parking is available on site.

For more information on travel recommendations please click here.

We suggest business-casual attire for the Monday dinner and during the days and something smart-casual for Tuesday evening.

Please do let us know your dietary requirements and allergies. If you are a vegetarian, please specify if you eat fish. These details can be entered via the Dashboard when submitting your travel details.

We do not offer travel insurance. Please ensure you make your own arrangements regarding travel insurance.

Kairen Lewis, Head of Operations
Email: Tel: 020 7828 2278