Rewards, Benefits & Wellbeing Summit 2020
02-04 December 2020, Dolce CampoReal, Lisbon

Topics for 2020 sessions

Wellbeing - Wellness and wellbeing in the workplace
Reward & Technology
- Digital solutions & the impact of technology on reward
Future of work
- The future of benefits and pensions
- Employee benefits: traditional vs flexible
Diversity & Inclusion
- How Diversity & Inclusion can impact benefits
- Rewards role in employee engagement
Creative reward
s - the balance between legislation and innovation
Financial wellbeing
- Focusing on finances in relation to wellbeing

2020 programme

James Routledge

Being yourself
  • Biography

    I started my first business during my 2nd year of University and never went back.

    In the process of building the business, raising investment and dealing with its failure, I burned out. I was crippled with anxiety and had began having panic attacks. I'd pushed myself to the limit for 3 years working on something I wasn't truly passionate about, and lived my life as someone else in my quest for "success". Mental health became important to me as I started to feel all the feelings I'd quashed down for years. I knew nothing about mental health, I was frightened and felt ashamed. Yet I knew it didn't have to be this way.

    I set up Sanctus to create the brand that I wish had existed for me and for millions of others. A brand that redefines mental health as a whole and that inspires people to be themselves. We do this through coaching in the workplace, storytelling on our podcast and creating an environment for people to openly talk about mental health. Our mission is to put the world's first mental health gym's on the high street and make mental health as mainstream physical health.

  • Presentation Outline

    In this talk I'm going to do what I find most difficult, and what I believe most people find incredibly hard. I'm going to talk about how I feel right there, in the moment, raw. I'm going to be me, completely me and all of me. I'll share the bits of myself I like, the parts of myself that I don't, the creative, the loud, the quiet, the scared, the anxious - all of it.

    I'll share my mental health story and reflect on how I believe that being who we are, being ourselves in each moment is our greatest challenge and greatest opportunity in the workplace and beyond.

Claire Deeprose

Development Manager, Performance & Coaching
John Lewis
Keep Calm and Coach: How John Lewis Partnership put coaching at the head of its people proposition
  • Biography

    Claire has been a Personnel Partner at co-owned John Lewis Partnership for five years, in various analyst and HR roles. She has been responsible for the Partnership’s People Performance and Coaching propositions since 2017, including performance, absence management, disciplinary, grievance, probationary period, coaching, mentoring and interview bank.

    In addition to developing the market leading internal coaching proposition at JLP, she is a qualified Personal and Business Coach currently working towards ICF accreditation and studying for a Postgraduate Certificate with the University of Chester. Claire passionately advocates the benefits of coaching and is proud to work for an organisation which recognises the impact that coaching can have. She strongly believes that coaching is for everyone - not just for senior leaders, and certainly not simply a mechanism to manage poor performance.

  • Presentation Outline

    When was the last time that you had an hour with someone who was really listening to you? Someone committed to supporting you to achieve your goals, by holding the space for you to be yourself and truly think? This is the power of coaching, and any Partner at John Lewis Partnership can choose to work with a qualified coach whenever they want to.

    This session will begin with an overview of the benefits of coaching, particularly focusing on wellbeing and building resilience during periods of change. Claire will then talk about the market leading and innovative internal coaching offer at JLP, taking you on the journey from conception to reality. With plenty of opportunities to ask questions, you’ll leave the session with some key takeaways about the successes and challenges of implementing and operating an internal coaching offer, including an attempt to answer the million dollar question “how can we demonstrate return on expectation from the investment made in coaching, particularly at a time when retailers are fighting for every pound?”

    You’ll hear first hand the impact that coaching has had on Partners’ wellbeing at JLP, and the session will conclude with “Coaching 2.0” - how coaching at JLP is adapting to face into the challenges of the future.

Rosemary Lemon

Group Head of Reward
Hays plc
The Future of Work - Benefits & Pensions
  • Biography

    I have been working a long time (!) and have over 30 years’ experience of working in a wide variety of international industries where I have held Head of Reward positions - oil & Gas (Texaco), container shipping & logistics (P&O Nedlloyd), luxury retail (Burberry), financial services (Legal & General) and I am currently Group Head of Reward for the global professional recruiting company Hays. I really enjoy learning about different businesses.

    I am a co-opted member of the Remuneration Committee for the London Metropolitan University and also a member of the Government's Money and Pensions Association (previously known as the Money Advice Service) Steering Committee charged with increasing the financial capability of working people across the UK.

    In 2018, I was honoured to be recognised by the Reward & Employee Benefits Association (‘REBA’) by winning the REBA Vanguard Award for my work across my career in promoting and recognising the importance of employee wellbeing. In 2019, I was also delighted to win the Reward Industry Luminary Award from the Reward 300.

    In September 2018 I had my first book published called “What’s Your Excuse for Not Getting Your Dream Job?” Subsequently, I have been invited to give talks on the changing world of work and the importance of maintaining skills, personal branding and networking.

    I am a member of Hays Diversity & Inclusion Steering Committee and throughout my career have taken an active interest in Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”). I recently wrote a series of LinkedIn blogs on the plastics problem and attempted to go plastic free for a week!

    Outside of work I am mum to one “Millennial” son and one “Gen Z” daughter and so have first hand experience of the challenges they face and their expectations in the world of work.

  • Presentation Outline

    The working environment and expectations of the next generation of employees is changing fast. In this talk I will explore what impact areas such as technology, financial pressures, longer life-spans, and social purpose are having on the future workforce and what companies need to do to attract and retain talent going forwards.

    What impact do these changes have on traditional benefits and pension?
    How should companies adapt?
    How much does it cost and where can we start?

    I hope to give practical examples of steps companies can take and demonstrate how they can work through a case study of Hays.

Kate Rand

Group Employee Experience & Inclusion Director
Holistic Health: How to integrate total wellness into your Employee Experience
  • Biographies

    Kate is an award-winning People Operations Director and certified Agile HR practitioner based at Beyond. Most recently she has been shortlisted for HR Director of the year and best D&I Strategy. Beyond is a design and technology ideas company, founded in 2010 and is featured in the Sunday times 100 SME best places to work.

    Kate regularly speaks at events on HR and business-related topics, producing content for publications including the Forbes HR council. She specialises in advising start-up and growth stage organizations on scaling their structure and people functions and is passionate about driving a progressive and transformational approach to HR so that the sector can support the businesses of tomorrow in a human-centric way.

    Having worked across multiple industries in leadership roles, her core belief is that people are at the heart of every organisation, and that HR needs to shift away from the ivory tower mentality, evolving from dictators of best practice to facilitators of success.

  • Presentation Outline

    We all know the impact of our employee's engagement on the business bottom line, but what about the wider subject of wellbeing? In this session, we'll discuss some of the data that backs up a more holistic approach to employee health, and the business case for prioritizing wellbeing. We'll showcase some of the ways you can incorporate this into your organizations by introducing the case study of Beyond, and an interactive ideation workshop. This will in turn give senior HR practitioners tools to use for integrating wellness in to their employee experience initiatives and strategy.

Natalie Jutla

Employee Offer & Benefits Lead
Designing a blueprint for financial wellness
  • Biographies

    As an experienced Reward and Benefits Specialist with a demonstrated track record of working in the Civil Service and Public and Private Sectors including previous experience working in the Banking Sector, I understand the importance of aligning the commercial goals of an organisation with having honest employee buy in. I am currently the Employee Offer and Benefits Lead in the DEFRA group HR Team, working alongside senior stakeholders, employees, project teams and partnerships/suppliers.

    Over the years I have gained great knowledge and developed relationships with the many leading reward and benefit suppliers in the market, which allows me to source the best solution for the project; from increasing employee engagement with an inclusive EVP strategy, building and reviewing salary sacrifice schemes or changing a culture and people’s mindsets around Financial Wellbeing. Creating your own ambassadors for your company is key in driving engagement.

    Top project achievements:
    • Successfully delivered an EVP Strategy, resulting in an 8% increase in people survey results within 2 years
    • Delivered on a benefits harmonisation project, producing a cost savings of 114K pa
    • Implemented a financial education platform for 23,800 civil service employees, delivering a well above market average of 6% take up in just under 2 weeks.

    I believe in the importance of keeping ahead of the curve, when identifying trends and new benefits, so an organisation can stay fresh, engaging and relevant to an employee.

    Natalie holds a Master’s Degree focused on Human Resources Management/Personnel Administration, General CIPD.

  • Presentation Outline

    Let’s be honest, when it comes to talking about money worries, we generally close up, internalise the stress and feel too embarrassed to ask for help. Organisations are often hesitant to get involved in their employees' finances.

    However, research shows that employees do want to talk and get guidance and support from their place of work. This disconnect may be why organisations are still struggling to build and manage a financial wellbeing strategy that has a positive long-lasting impact on both employees and their bottom line.

    Financial Wellbeing is a benefit close to my heart. In this interactive session, I will share my journey with you. How I came to understand what the term ‘Financial Wellbeing’ actually means and how I’ve been able to ascertain the ‘buy in’ from my Senior Leadership Team and peers in Government.

    We’ll discuss the obstacles and challenges faced, as well as key learnings you can apply to your Financial Wellbeing initiative - no matter where you are in your journey or what industry you are in.
    You’ll leave with 7 key takeaways that will help you in building and managing your own financial wellbeing strategy.
    It’s time to break the money taboo and start to empower our employees to become leaders of their finances.

Suzanne Pestereff

Reward Leader
Developing an employee value proposition fit for brand when reality is against you
  • Biography

    A Reward Leader with two decades of compensation and benefits management experience developed from a range of roles in multi-national companies, across multiple industry sectors.

    With an MSc in Occupational Psychology, I’m passionate about translating the vital financial and data-driven decisions in Reward, into meaningful propositions that people can understand and connect with at all levels in an organisation.

    In my current role, I lead a global team of reward specialists to provide expert consultancy and deliver reward change programmes and core processes in support of the business agenda, and through partnering with regional business teams, ensure the strategy is translated into action across the end-to end employee experience.

    Strongly committed to furthering others’ ambitions, I’m an anti-bullying ambassador for the Diana Award, engaging young people to change attitudes, behaviours and culture of bullying by building skills, confidence to address different situations both online and offline.

  • Presentation Outline

    As one of most famous brands in the world with a proud heritage and reputation for engineering excellence built over more than 100 years, our mission to create an honest expression of the experience of working at Rolls-Royce that attracts and retains quality and diverse talent and motivates them to deliver high performance is clear.

    In this session, I’ll talk about how we understood and articulated our current and aspirational employee experience and acknowledging reality, set our reward agenda to enable the necessary step changes to deliver an employee value proposition fit for brand. These step changes included a new reward brand, career framework, an online reward portal and improvements to performance related elements of reward, all in support of our cultural transformation strategy.

    I will provide a candid account of the challenges we’ve faced in achieving our ambition and of driving change at pace, in a complex, global, business with ingrained employee relations arrangements and turbulent financial performance. I’ll share what went well and how we’ve measured this, along with what didn’t, lessons learned and what’s next. I look forward to listening and learning from your experiences too, to help inform the continuing evolution of our employee value proposition.

Arti Kashyap-Aynsley

Wellbeing Leader
Deloitte Consulting
How HR can work with business leadership to get to the heart of employee wellbeing
  • Biography

    Since starting my career in Professional Services over 14 years ago, it was always my aim to have an impact on both the corporate world and the people that I work with, whether clients and / or colleagues. Therefore, it is no wonder that shortly after qualifying as a Chartered Accountant and working between audit, tax and advisory at PwC I moved into Consulting at Deloitte.

    Since joining the firm in 2010 I have had the opportunity to work on a multitude of programmes focused on Finance Transformation across the Private Sector (predominantly the TMT Sector). These programmes have allowed me to travel the world and get involved in large monumental firm programmes that have had an impact on our strategy and how we operate as a firm both internally and externally. Beyond this, I have also had the opportunity to dedicate much of my time to developing our younger generation of employees, while working alongside firm leadership on our talent strategy.
    It is no secret therefore, that at the heart of everything I have done and continue to do – people, their development, their wellbeing and success are the most important to me. This coupled with my passion of the wellness industry is what has led me to my current role as the Wellbeing Leader for Deloitte Consulting in the UK.

    In my current role it is my responsibility to not only manage the wellbeing of our employees and their experiences but also to challenge and inspire the business to think more holistically as to how we evolve by supporting both our employees and clients we work with from an operational stand point. Wellbeing for me is looking beyond the nice to haves and challenging the norms of business practices that have been in place for decades. We are a new generation, with new challenges and the workforce needs to evolve accordingly and I couldn’t be more excited to be a catalyst at the heart of it all.

    My passion for wellbeing extends beyond the workplace as I am also a Personal Trainer and Transformational Coach. I currently train clients through Lift Your Wellbeing a Corporate Wellness Organisation and see my own coaching clients, while also being the resident coach for Ladies who Launch which is a network focused on fostering a community and supporting women in all they do and could be launching.

  • Presentation Outline

    For someone who now works in wellbeing and was previously engrained in the day to day demands of the actual business, I have had a unique experience to most when it comes to addressing employee wellbeing. My experiences have led me to really understand the business, since I have lived and breathed it and therefore have been able to easily identify what interventions will work, what will resonate with our people, what I need to challenge Leadership to really think about and how anything we take on links to our overall business strategy. Beyond this I have worked directly with HR Professionals on our strategy whilst also helping them to bridge the gap between them and the business to help them better understand what the demands on the business really mean and as a result what they then need from a wellbeing stand point.

    This talk therefore, is aimed at not only sharing our story and successes, but also in providing strategies and a space for open dialogue on how HR Professionals can compound their success by partnering with the business to truly create wellbeing strategies that resonate and land successfully in the businesses that they support.

Megan O'Shaughnessy

Senior Consumer Reward
Rewards role in employee engagement
  • Biography

    An accomplished Reward Professional with 14 years’ experience across the whole spectrum of Reward including Payroll/Employee Benefits/Compensation/Global Mobility/Employee Engagement and Pensions experience. Having worked for some of the most iconic brands like Ralph Lauren and Charlotte Tilbury I have led through both transformational change and start up growth around the globe. I am continually looking to improve my skill set and disrupt the HR world which has led me to my current role leading the Consumer Reward function at BT Plc.

  • Presentation Outline

    Employee Engagement is a term often thrown around as a measure of employee happiness at work, but is that what it really is? Surveys, focus groups, roundtables…ways in which we tend to measure this happiness but in reality is this just something that employers feel like they ‘have’ to do? A tick box exercise if you will….

    During my session I want to be really frank about how as Reward leaders we can help to really ensure employees are not only happy at work but also love working for the business they do. I don’t know many people that really become ambassadors for their business without being engaged, and without those people being understood, valued, listened to, they wont be giving their absolute all in the work they do. Keeping this up day in day out is tough but during my session I will aim to give you pragmatic advice alongside real examples of how I have seen this work, not just for a survey score, but for the long run!

The Rewards, Benefits & Wellbeing Summits programme consists of 6 Strategy Group sessions – case study led presentations followed by Q&A and 2 Action Learning workshops – key topic roundtable discussions.

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