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Corinthia Hotel, Prague
05 - 07 October 2022

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Shereen Daniels

Founder & Managing Director
HR rewired
Advancing Racial Equity 4.0
  • Biography

    An advocate for anti-racism in business, Shereen is Vice-Chair of the Black Business Association for the London Chamber of Commerce & Industry and Founder + Managing Director of HR rewired. With a mission to unlock over one million global conversations about race by 2025, she also hosts the podcast Advancing Racial Equity 4.0 and Shereen’s videos and live broadcasts are located on HR rewired TV.

  • Presentation Outline

    An ever-increasing pressure to address the racial inequalities witnessed in society is now spilling over into the workplace. From employees to customers and investors, the question which hangs in the air: “What are you doing about this issue?” It isn’t about who’s perfect, whose nailed it and who is getting the public accolades. It’s about those who have started the journey.

    But what does that mean? How do you make a start if traditionally your organisation isn’t used to talking about race? And how do you make sure your plans are meaningful so you don’t get accused of tokenism? Shereen will cover practical steps to help you get started, how to think about metrics through an investor's lens as well as sharing some of the common hurdles she has helped executive leaders overcome.

Michelle Clark

Executive Director of Diversity and Talent
The Children's Society
  • Biography

    Michelle Clark, Executive Director of Diversity and Talent at The Children’s Society has always been in the pursuit of a greater understanding about what motivates people to survive, thrive and be happy.

    Michelle’s journey started by gaining a degree in Social Psychology, swiftly followed by a Master’s Degree in Personnel and Development. Theory was cemented with real life exploration of the world and different cultures in 2009 getting a real life understanding of people from all different walks of life.

    Launching back into her Human Resources career upon her return in 2010 and now after 20 years of gathering knowledge, skills and experience; work life and personal passion for People came together to allow her to cement her dream to lead the people agenda with a diversity and inclusion lens first.

    Over the last few years Michelle has radically changed the way employee engagement is lived and breathed in organisations supporting voice and listening to experience, seen by a 31% increase in engagement levels over 3 years through driving a human experience to the HR Practice.

    Michelle is committed to creating a change in the beliefs and delivery of Human Resources, bringing the Human back into the practice and creating the right conditions that enable everyone to feel included.

  • Presentation Outline

    This is going to be a story about inclusion in the workplace through a human experience lens. There will be a quick reflect back over what has really changed in terms of inclusive working practices in the last 50-60 years and the role Human Resources has played within this.

    Roll forward to the immediate history of the last few years and work practice has had to change dramatically! Spotlights have been shone and we find ourselves living the future now. HR’s role has also come to the fore and this is our time to act, create change and build work environments that celebrate difference and mean everyone is included.

    We need to get the basics right, we need to inspire and enable leaders, we need to hear voice and we need to find ways to ensure everyone feels valued.
    Taking a human experience approach to our work will create change that lasts. This is a long game, but we can take small steps, keep building, shift our focus and create workplaces that are truly inclusive.

Samantha Hornsby and Mae Yip

Co-Founder of ERIC, and Creator & Host at What The World Thinks
10 ways to instantly get better at finding & connecting with Gen Z talent
  • Biography

    Sam is Co-Founder of ERIC. Sam skipped university to work in the startup world. Sam is obsessed with 'entertainment-first' education (why can't learning be fun, right?) and is a big advocate for the 4-day work-week.

    Mae is Co-Founder of ERIC. A chartered accountant who graduated from Newcastle University and worked at PWC in the Banking & Capital Markets, Mae feels incredibly passionate about diversity in the workplace and wants allocated time for mindfulness to be a staple in every office.

    The ERIC App provides on-demand youth-led career & self-development tools to 16-25 years old and connects them with companies they never knew existed. It's run with four principles in mind - equality, relevance, representation & accessibility.
    ERIC was started in late 2016 by long-time friends Mae and Sam. Their own failure to break into the creative industries and the realisation that they were never told about the breadth of different companies you can work for and jobs you can do led them to create ERIC.

  • Presentation Outline

    As Gen Z talent becomes an increasingly important part of future-proofing your business, as does the conversation around how and where to find them. In this talk, Sam & Mae chat through their 10 favourite ERIC strategies that their clients have found instantly and consistently useful. If you're struggling to access young talent this talk will show you what you need to do to solve that problem.

Andy Macdonald

Group HR Director
Case study: Embracing and embedding hybrid working
  • Biography

    Andy is Group HR Director at Jisc, a not-for profit-social enterprise that provides digital solutions for UK education and research.

    Andy is leading Jisc’s first people strategy, which covers a range of exciting initiatives. This year, Andy’s driven a programme looking at ‘the future of work’ based on the principles of Care, Community, Creativity and Collaboration. Andy has also led the development of a ‘One Jisc Culture’, founded on powerful guiding principles which are shaping the organisation’s identity. Alongside this, Andy has been pivotal in driving the Inclusion and Wellbeing agenda during the pandemic - placing it front and centre of the people strategy.

    Andy is a Fellow of the CIPD, with nearly 30 years of experience. Before joining Jisc, Andy’s career spanned HR leadership roles across several sectors in the UK and internationally, including financial services, telecomms and medical services in both private and not-for-profit organisations

  • Presentation Outline

    This is the story of the journey Jisc has directed to accelerate a truly flexible workforce mirroring its culture and aspirations while keeping our employee-centric experience at the heart of it. Embedding our 4’Cs approach to our future of office program, engaging all areas of the organisation to transform, we will explore how Jisc has taken hybrid working beyond a definition and established it as simply the way we work around here beyond just having the technology. Many of us will have started the journey from many different places and will have different end-state goals, so I am hoping sharing our story will inspire and innovate whatever your destination looks like.

Ali Mohammed

Executive Director of HR and Organisational Development
South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust
Covid? Call 999!
  • Biography

    Ali Mohammed has over 30 years’ experience in NHS people management. Immediately prior to joining the ambulance service, he worked with the NHS Leadership Academy as director to lead the expansion of the Graduate Management Scheme.

    Ali has also been Director of Human Resources and Organisational Development at the world-renowned Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Foundation Trust and undertook the same role at Barts and the London - one the country’s largest and most prestigious teaching hospitals.
    He is immensely passionate about ensuring that all activities within people management have a clear line of sight to improving patient care and that NHS staff are genuinely valued and supported in everything they do.

  • Presentation Outline

    South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust provides emergency and urgent health services to Kent, Sussex and Surrey. The first UK case of Covid occurred within this region and so the Trust had to mobilise its response before most of the rest of the country.

    This session describes the critical role of NHS ambulance staff in responding to the Covid-19 pandemic and the impact upon, ask of and response from the HR and OD function.

Nebel Crowhurst

People & Culture Director
Agile and Curious?
  • Biography

    Nebel has a progressive approach to HR with an emphasis on delivering real business value and impact. Having spent a career supporting the people agenda within various organisations including River Island and Virgin, Nebel has experienced extensive business change and growth. Using modern HR practices to implement fresh ideas on; performance management, Agile working, using evidence-based practice and tech-led approaches has resulted in achieving multiple HR industry awards. With real success in helping business leaders to understand the benefits of moving away from traditional HR tactics and truly leveraging the most valuable asset of any organisation … it’s talented people.

  • Presentation Outline

    There is a movement growing towards the introduction of Agile in organisations and HR functions... but what does that actually mean? In this session, Nebel will be sharing her first-hand experiences of how agile principles have enabled improved working practices and influenced cultures of innovation and experimentation. You will hear examples of how agile practices have been introduced within various organisations, so whether you work in a small start-up or large global organisation there will be ideas that you can take from this session to experiment with yourself. You will learn about some of the basic principles of Agile, how it can be applied in HR teams as well as how it can be introduced across an entire organisation. This is more than just offering flexible working, it is a way of working which requires a progressive and curious mindset.

Laura Pettitt

Global Head of Talent
OB Talent
Recruiting for cultural impact
  • Biography

    Laura is passionate about organisational culture, development, diversity and talent. Laura started her career in tech recruitment and successfully ran two companies growing revenue from 7-14 million and 1- 2.5 million within the Sanderson Group of companies. From there she moved into employee engagement and development before setting up her own consultancy where she helped companies become more diverse, improve turnover, develop and retain talent. Winning personal awards as well as for the companies she supported. Laura was named Rising Star HR and Recruitment in 2017 through We Are The City.

    Laura returned to take on the role of Director of Talent and Engagement for News UK, where she brought talent in house, running employee experience, recruitment and learning. This led to a 90% internal recruitment model, leadership programmes, award-winning apprenticeship programmes and digital learning. Today, Laura heads up a start-up OB Talent. A talent consultancy specialising in embedded recruitment, organisational design and development, engagement, employer value proposition and talent development. She holds CIPD level 7 in organisational design and development, level 5 in Employment Law and is a seasoned speaker on all things, recruitment, culture and talent.

  • Presentation Outline

    Why you need to consider organisation development before embarking on a recruitment strategy. Learn how to hire for cultural fit and add, whilst reducing agency spend, increasing candidate satisfaction and time to hire. Learn how Laura turned recruitment on its head moving to a 98% internal agency model.

Ruth Phillips & Bonnie Johansen

Principal PPM consultant & Global Head of HR
The Project Hub & Amino Communications
Discover from world-leading research how you can change your managers’ behaviour within 6 months to measurably increase engagement and performance.
  • Biographies

    Ruth is a highly experienced Consultant and Project Manager with over 20 years of experience of contributing to successful business transformation initiatives. After starting her career with Deloitte and KPMG, she founded The Project Hub to focus on providing strategic project and change management services to organisations.

    Ruth was the Project Lead for a government-sponsored project delivered in collaboration with the London School of Economics (LSE) and over 60 businesses across the UK to explore if adopting Operational Coaching as a management style would drive an increase in productivity.

    Bonnie joined Amino in March 2018 and has extensive experience in all aspects of people management, educational matters and legislation, in the public and private sectors, nationally & internationally for over 30 years.

    Bonnie is a registered mentor and coach and lead HR auditor. She served on the Accreditation and Advisory Board of two prominent universities in South Africa in the departments of Human Resource Management & Development and Industrial Psychology. Bonnie is a member of the Professional Association of Assessors and chaired the South African Board for People Practices (WC) Human Resource Management Committee for 4 years.

    Bonnie is an active member of CIPD UK and recently completed an Advanced Award in Employment Law through them.

  • Presentation Outline

    This presentation will share with you the results of one of the largest studies in the world into the application of coaching behaviours by managers. The results were independently evaluated by the London School of Economics (LSE) on behalf of the UK Government (BEIS/Innovate UK) and are based on a project run in 62 companies across the UK.

    You’ll hear about this world-leading formal research trial into the adoption of an Operational Coaching™ approach, from its project lead and how the results were achieved. The presentation will show you how the statistically significant shift in the behaviours of managers was generated. It will also share positive business-level trends comparing the participating organisations with a randomised control group, alongside case studies from 3 of the companies involved.

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The Summit programme consists of inspirational keynotes, Strategy Sessions – case study led presentations followed by Q&A, interactive Action Learning Workshops, and debate. In addition, we will add value by offering a series of round tables, presentations, and toolkits in the build-up to the event.

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