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Future Leaders Webinar Series

Welcome to the HR Basecamp Future Leaders Webinar Series! As we couldn't launch our HR Basecamp London event this year as promised, we've called upon our community of Senior HR Leaders, Basecamp Heroes, and Panelists, to produce a programme of forward-thinking and thought-provoking webinars across a range of important topics. These all have the aim of helping you gain insights and inspirations to progress through your HR career, to be the next change-maker.

Future Leaders Webinar Series

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Matt Burgess

Director of Communications Practice, Mission Performance Ltd.
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Shine Online Session
  • Biography

    An actor by trade, Matt has worked extensively in theatre, television and film, starring in productions such as; War Horse, Prometheus and Black Mirror. As a trainer he has travelled Globally, working at all levels of organisations. As a Communications Coach, he has been able to work one to one with, amongst others, politicians, sports people and Heads of Global Business.
    Specializing in enabling communicators to understand and control their fears, to focus on their audience and to impact, affect and engage the people they speak to through their message.
    Bringing a contagious enthusiasm and sense of fun to all of his work, striving for excellence in everyone. Pushing people to achieve beyond their expectations. Matt believes that learning happens best when people are allowed to enjoy the process.
    An expert in Personal Impact, Virtual Impact, Presentation Skills, Leadership Communications, Conflict Situations, Sales Communications with 18 years-experience developing and delivering training he is a Qualified NLP Practitioner and also Key-note speaker on Communication and Leadership.

  • Presentation Outline

    Every interaction you have online matters. Whether internal, to team and colleagues, or external to clients and customers, you need to ensure that when working online your communication style is as world-class as your products, services and solutions.

    This interactive masterclass will offer tips, tools, skills and techniques that help ensure that when working virtually you are engaging others in the best way you can.

    The session will deliver specific online communication skills and set up techniques that will ensure you design and deliver online meetings and sessions in an engaging, impactful manner.

    We will cover
    • How to engage physically and vocally online
    • How to deliver with warmth
    • Developing the right rhythm of delivery to involve and engage groups online
    • Setting up to create a professional online environment

Perry Timms

Founder and Chief Energy Officer - PTHR at People and Transformational HR Ltd
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Dispersed Working and the Rise of Self-managed, Agile Teams
  • Biography

    Perry Timms is the founder and Chief Energy Officer of PTHR - a small but far-reaching consultancy whose aim is to build better business for a better world. He is an international and 2x TEDx speaker and award-winning writer on the future of work, HR & learning

    Perry’s 2017 book Transformational HR was an Top 30 HR seller shortly after its release, and his second book The Energised Workplace is published in April 2020. Perry’s work is influenced by human-centred, design and systems thinking plus agile, inclusive and autonomous ways of working that enhance personal fulfilment and organisation effectiveness. Perry is Adjunct Professor at Hult International Business School; a visiting fellow at Cranfield School of Management, Sheffield Hallam University, a Fellow of the RSA and a WorldBlu Freedom at Work Consultant + Coach.

    Perry is a proud Chartered member of the CIPD and has been in the top 10 of HR Magazine’s HR Most Influential Thinkers list 2018 & 2019.

  • Presentation Outline

    With our now normative state of dispersed and more remote working away from the proximity of co-located spaces, we have to trust people more, allow them to direct themselves and keep a handle on productivity and performance and well-being and connectedness.

    Self-managed and Agile teams operate in this way, so now is the time to finally loosen the hierarchical grip on people and create more aligned, autonomous and liberated ways of working that will impact on structures, workflow and recognition. Join Perry Timms who will talk about the psychology, flow and evidence that sits behind this assertion and help you manage your dispersed ways of working to enable, optimise and engage people in a more flourishing way to be.

Ally Illsley

Digital Wellbeing Guild at BT Consumer
Register your place for for Ally & Jessica's webinar, March 16th 2021
The Story of the Digital Wellbeing Guild
  • Biography

    As the lead of the Digital Wellbeing Guild in BT Consumer, Ally is passionate about creating environments which embrace individuals and proactively provide what they need to thrive, she is focused on proving that corporate life and individual wellness can coexist. Ally champions a personal approach to change; implementing initiatives and continuously developing them based on direct feedback from colleagues. She is determined to avoid the ‘box tick’ effect of corporate wellbeing strategies and passionately believes that if people are well, innovation, quality and results will follow

  • Presentation Outline

    Employee wellbeing has clearly never been more important. After the turbulent rollercoaster of the past few months, organisations are placing increasing emphasis on how their people are coping and how it feels to be at work. Luckily, when the Coronavirus pandemic hit in March 2020, BT Consumer Digital already had an established wellbeing guild who were able to double down on taking care of their colleagues. In this session Jess and Ally will share the full story of the Digital Wellbeing Guild. From setting up an internal network of passionate wellbeing advocates to creating and nurturing the symbiotic relationship between business and HR they’ll share the ups and downs of the journey and all the lessons they have learnt along the way.

    In the telling of this story Jess and Ally will discuss topics including setting up a internal wellbeing team, the wellbeing interventions that have got the organisation through the last year, the unique and empowering relationship between business and HR and how to respond to the wellbeing needs of your people and will be happy to take questions at the end

Jessica Gibbs

HR Business Partner at BT Consumer
Register your place for Ally & Jessica's webinar, March 16th 2021
The Story of the Digital Wellbeing Guild
  • Biography

    Jess is a HR Business Partner at BT supporting the Consumer Digital team. She is the HR Lead for Digi-Life; an internal community committed to transforming the Digital culture. She is dedicated to supporting increasingly cross functional teams through developing a culture that works for everyone and celebrates difference. She is committed to setting up teams with shared values and views particularly when it comes to wellbeing. Jess is a passionate HR professional, empowering wellbeing cultural transformation that is driven from within rather than being lead out of HR . She is committed to enabling passionate advocates to influence organisational change

  • Presentation Outline

    Jess and Ally will be running a joint webinar drawing upon their partnership - see the description above

Toby Mildon

Diversity & Inclusion Architect, Mildons
Register your place for Toby's webinar, April 22nd, 1-2pm
What every aspiring HR Director needs to know about diversity and inclusion
  • Biography

    Toby is a Diversity & Inclusion Architect at Mildon, a consultancy and advisory business. Toby works with businesses to re-engineer business processes and systems to minimise the impact of bias, to break down cultural barriers, and also build a culture of inclusion.

    Toby's book , 'Inclusive Growth' , includes his proven framework for building D&I in corporations. Before setting up his consultancy, Toby worked for several years as a diversity & inclusion leader at Deloitte the BBC. He led countless initiatives to build diversity and culture in these big businesses, including targeted talent initiatives to get more women into tech, implement family-friendly policies and practices, and improve workplace accessibility to benefit all.

  • Presentation Outline

    Join Toby Mildon, Diversity & Inclusion Architect to learn what you need to know about implementing an inclusive culture as a HR Director. In this session you will learn:

    - The frustrations that HR directors face in implementing an inclusive culture to attract and retain a diverse workforce
    - The things that you need to be thinking about now and the skills you need to develop so that you can effectively implement greater diversity when you become a HR director yourself
    - Why diversity and inclusion is important for future proofing your organisation and your role in this as a senior HR leader
    - Practical things that you can do next to develop your skills in diversity and inclusion (including quick wins and low hanging fruit)