Delegate FAQ's

RBWS23 Summit
7 - 9 June 2023


The Summit will take place at Eurostars Sitges.

All participants will stay at the venue; we cover the cost of 2 nights' accommodation, all meals and refreshments. We will also cover return travel (up to a maximum of £150).

Please note all evening mealtimes are part of the Summit. There will be a chance for informal networking over lunch.

Speaker programme
The Strategy Group programme consists of 7-8x 1 hour sessions/ Action Learning workshops. Delegates can expect to attend between 3-4 sessions in total. These all run in parallel to the supplier meetings throughout Monday and Tuesday. There is no sales agenda; all are facilitated by senior HR professionals and leading academics.

Is there a cancellation penalty?
Delegates sign a contract to attend. A £2000 cancellation charge is payable if you withdraw after 7 April 2023. The fee is in place to protect the event and the interest of the suppliers who sponsor the Summit. We do accept replacements but only if they too are a senior decision-maker and budget holder.

What is the pre-event selection process?
We use an online dashboard for the selection process. Prior to selections, we will ask delegates to complete a company profile which will give critical information about purchasing priorities to enable suppliers to make well informed choices. Suppliers also complete a questionnaire, which will give delegates an insight into the products and services on offer at the Summit.

Once selections open, we ask both parties to choose who they would like to meet. On average delegates will make 10 supplier requests.

Suppliers will be required to select the number of one-to-one meetings included in their package plus an additional 10 selections as backup. In addition, Suppliers will also have the opportunity to have up to 4 mealtime meetings per representative.

The rating system is as follow:

‘A’ - Highest priority. Most likely to be scheduled as one-to-one meetings

‘B’ - Will be allocated as one-to-one or mealtime meetings

‘C’ – Will usually be allocated to mealtime meetings

Meetings are allocated on a point-based system, for example, a double-sided 1:1 ‘A’ request from both parties has the most likelihood of being scheduled. As suppliers are the paying party the system will always prioritise their selections. It is not compulsory for a delegate to request a supplier for a meeting to be allocated.

It is a very transparent process; both parties can see who they have been selected by. All participants will receive their schedules to review prior to the Summit.

Your schedule will be available to review a week before the event, which will allow enough time for both delegates and suppliers to provide feedback and to make any amendments.

Is there an opportunity to make contact with each other ahead of the Summit?

Participants will have the opportunity to message each other ahead of the event via the online dashboard to provide further details about why they wish to meet each other. For example, you may already have dealings with their company, or you have a specific service/product that you want to highlight to them. Whatever the message may be, this is an effective way of bringing your company to each other’s attention and will increase your chances of being selected. Only the participant receiving the message will be able to see it.