HR Basecamp 2020

15 September 2020
etc. venues: County Hall, London

What is Basecamp?

Designed specifically for future HR leaders, HR Basecamp is fast paced, powerful, fun and relevant. A one-day programme of TED - style talks, ignite presentations, panels, debate and mentoring, the event will have a holistic approach and focus on personal and career development. HR Basecamp will build resilience, provide tips to develop interpersonal and communication skills and give all attendees access to the most invaluable resource – contacts within the wider HR community. A network of people that they can share experience, best practice and grow with throughout their career.

Event features:

HR Heroes – hear from a panel of HR Directors who have been there and done that! They’ll share top tips, insights and lessons learned

Build your network – spend time with a group of likeminded HR professionals who are in the same stage in their careers

Keynote – be inspired and hear from someone who’s broken from the norm

Have your views heard – take part in a planned debate with DebateMate and roundtable discussions on key topics like the future of HR

Ask questions – send anonymous questions about HR that you’ve always wanted answers to - our speakers and HR Heroes will give their thoughts!

HR Basecamp speakers


Our influencers are HR and L&D Directors from the following companies who have helped us develop Basecamp into something that will be beneficial to all attendees, based on their own experiences. You will see them all at the event too, mentoring and storytelling.

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15th September 2020

etc. venues: County Hall, London

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