Delegate selections information

Rewards, Benefits and Wellbeing Summit 2024
5 - 7 June 2024

To review a solution provider profile click their company name or select Download all solution provider profiles (DOC) on the Dashboard.

You can use the ‘Filter by services’ option to search for solution providers that offer particular services that may be of interest. Either select the service from the drop-down or enter a keyword to get a result.

Please choose the solution providers you would like to meet by selecting them in order of preference: A, B, C.

We would ask that you make at a minimum of 10 solution provider selections to make sure you’re meeting with companies that are relevant to your upcoming business needs. For example - 4 x A’s, 2 x B’s and 2 x C

If you do not wish to meet with a solution provider, do not select any of the buttons below their profile. If you wish to amend a selection, please press the ‘X’ to clear your choice. Your choices are automatically saved after each request.

Solution providers follow the same process. If they wish to meet with you this will be indicated on the selection page. This will constantly update over the next 2 weeks as all participants complete their requests. Our scheduling system prioritises meetings when they are requested by both parties. Please keep an eye on the selection page and reciprocate any requests that are of interest.

For any selections you make, a message box will appear. Please add more detail about why the solution provider is of interest as this will ensure the meeting is productive and tailored. Only the solution provider you are messaging will be able to see the correspondence.

To see which solution providers offer certain services, you can use the ‘Filter by services’ drop-down, just above the solution provider profiles. These services relate to the tick boxes selected in the company profiles.


Please make your selections no later than Thursday, 23 May. If for any reason you are not able to log in and complete this on time, please contact us as a matter of urgency as this deadline CANNOT be extended.

Your provisional schedule will be available for you to review via the Dashboard on Wednesday 29 May . At this time, we will be in touch to make sure you are happy and discuss any changes you may like to make.