Terms & Conditions

I hereby agree to attend the HUMAN RESOURCE SUMMIT on 9-11 OCTOBER 2024 ('the Summit') at the Eurostars Sitges, Barcelona.

There will be no charge to me or to my company for programme costs at the Summit.

My place is not transferable to any other individual within my company without the organisers’ agreement in writing.

I will inform the organisers if, before the Summit, I become aware that the position I hold in the company is certain or likely to change in the 3 month period before or after the Summit dates. (If you are in an Interim position, we need to be aware of this – please contact us, before you submit your form).

In order to minimise disruption to the event and to other participants, I will pay a cancellation fee of GBP2000 + VAT should I withdraw my attendance after 9 August 2024 (2 months prior to the start of the Summit).

Please note: Coronavirus

The organisers undertake that, should this event be unable to take place physically due to the Coronavirus pandemic, your place will be transferred to the virtual edition of the event, to take place over the same dates. Similarly, if your company were to impose a travel ban and as a result you are not unable to physically attend this event, your place will be transferred to a virtual place and no cancellation fee will be imposed.

Should you withdraw fully from the event (no attendance virtually or physically) after 9 August 2024, the usual cancellation fee will be applied.

I understand that the structured sections of the Summit will comprise both a series of Strategy Group discussion sessions and a number of confidential business meetings with suppliers. I will be asked to list my requests for both and these requests will be met wherever possible. I undertake to attend all the supplier meetings for which I am scheduled (approximately 6).


The Contract is between Summit Events Limited ("organisers") and the individual and Company whose names appear on the Registration Form and other documentation connected with the Summit in question and every person and/or company for whom the delegate acts or represents and who may attend the Summit ("delegate").


"Summit" means the Human Resource Summit from time to time organised by the organisers.

"Participant" means every person participating in the Summit for whom the delegate acts.

"Summit destination" means the city in which the Summit will take place; this may change from one Summit to another


• 1.1 The organisers may at any time make an alteration in the arrangements for the Summit as may be necessary in the best interests of the Summit and will use their best endeavours to inform the delegate promptly.

• 1.2 The organisers may at any time without notice cancel the Summit.


• 2.1 The delegate shall not assign or otherwise transfer their rights and obligations hereunder without the organisers' prior written consent.

• 2.2 The delegate undertakes to inform the organisers in writing if, before the Summit, he/she becomes aware that his/her position in the company is certain or likely to change in the 3-month period before or after the dates of the Summit. In such circumstances, the organisers reserve the right to cancel the delegate’s place and to charge a cancellation fee.

• 2.3 The delegate should inform the organisers in writing of a cancellation. Such cancellation will be valid only if confirmed in writing by the organisers. Should the cancellation fall within the cancellation period as defined on the Registration Form overleaf, then the specified cancellation fee will become payable. This cancellation clause may be waived by the organisers, but such waiver will be invalid unless in writing.

• 2.4 The delegate is liable to pay any costs which have already been incurred by the organisers in the event of a last-minute cancellation by the delegate.

• 2.5 Where the organisers agree to the substitution of another representative from the delegate’s company, and where such substitution occurs within two months of the start of the Summit, the organisers reserve the right to charge the delegate’s company an administration fee of GBP2000.

• 2.6 The delegate shall be construed as having cancelled his place should he fail to provide, by the deadlines given by the Organisers, all information they reasonably require in preparation for the event, such information being critical to the successful running of the event.


• 3.1 The organisers shall not be liable in respect of consequential loss or damage or in respect of any claims for detention, delay or overcarriage whatsoever and howsoever caused.

• 3.2 Every delegate warrants that he shall be fully responsible for all acts and omissions of all representatives, persons or agents acting for and on behalf of the delegate and shall ensure that such persons shall conduct themselves so as to cause the minimum of disturbance or obstruction and at all times shall comply with the operating requirements of the organisers or of other persons managing the Summit.


• 4.1 The delegate undertakes to inform the organisers in writing of any special requests which the delegate or any participant may reasonably require and which the organisers shall try to accommodate and all costs of and incidental thereto shall be payable by the delegate. Provided that the organisers shall not be liable if they are unable for any reason to accommodate any such special requests and their failure to do so shall not entitle the delegate to cancel.

• 4.2 All communication relating to the Summit must be through the organisers or as they may specifically instruct in writing and the delegate undertakes to ensure that all participants are kept fully informed of all relevant matters and terms of contract relating to the Summit.


All goods brought to the Summit by a delegate are at the delegate's sole risk. The organisers will not be responsible at any time for the loss by theft or otherwise, fire damage, water accidents, negligence or any other cause to any property of any delegate or of any other person or for loss, damage or injury sustained by any delegate or any other person. The organisers will not be responsible to any delegate for any act or default of any other participant. Delegates must make their own arrangements as to insurances.


• 5.1 No amendments to these terms shall be applicable unless in writing and signed by the duly authorised representative of the parties.

• 5.2 The organisers will only consider claims provided they are notified within 28 days after the return of the delegate from the Summit or in the event of non-arrival from the day on which the delegate or baggage should have returned.

• 5.3 All notices hereunder should be addressed to the organisers, Summit Events Ltd, at Studio 119, China Works, 100 Black Prince Road, London, UK, SE1 7SJ, +44 (0)20 7828 2278.

• The organisers reserve the right to terminate the participation of the delegate in the Summit if the organisers shall, in their own absolute discretion, decide that the behaviour, conduct or presence of the delegate or its representatives shall in any way undermine the Summit or be a disturbance or offence to other participants.


The delegate is not required to make a payment in connection with his/her attendance at the Summit, except in the following circumstances:

• 6.1 Travel to the Summit destination: The organisers will cover the delegate's costs in travelling to the Summit destination, excluding those costs incurred in travelling between his home and a UK/European departure point and limited to the group fare the organisers have negotiated with the relevant carrier(s).Should the delegate seek to make any alterations to the travel arrangements after the tickets have been issued then any additional costs in accommodating the delegate's alterations shall be borne by the delegate exclusively.

• 6.2 Partner/spouse costs: Where the delegate's partner or spouse travels to the Summit destination and where his/her arrangements are made by the organisers, the liability for all costs incurred will rest with the delegate and must be paid before the date of travel, except in the case where the delegate confirms his/her place during the 'Free Partner Travel’ booking period (the date of which will be stated on the booking form), in which circumstance the organisers will reimburse the delegate up to a maximum (but not a minimum) of GBP150 for the partner's travel, such refund to be payable 2 weeks after the Summit and upon receipt of a ticket or travel agency invoice.

• 6.3 Expenses incurred during the Summit: The delegate is liable to pay directly to the Summit hotel any personal extras which he incurs during the Summit, including such items as mini-bar bill, telephone bill, and any items charged directly to his room. If any such items remain unpaid by the delegate after his departure, the organisers will invoice the delegate to recover any such outstanding amounts.