Speaker presentations

Speaker presentations will be made available upon approval by the speaker.

Opening Keynote: Prof Brian Diffey - From climatology to dermatology via physics, chemistry and biology

Dr Richard Weller - Balancing the risks and benefits of sun exposure- the next challenge in sun protection

Prof Christian Surber - The Preventive Value of Topical Sun Protection Products: A never ending debate

Prof Mark Birch-Machin - Combinational effects of ultraviolet, infrared and visible components of solar radiation exposure on molecular biomarkers in human skin

Stephan Bielfeldt - How harmful is blue light and how can its effects be measured?

Eduardo Ruvolo - Models and methods for visible light protection

Keynote: Prof Caradee Wright - Crafting Evidence-based Sun Protection Messages for Children and Adults: Including in Overlooked Populations and Populations with Health Disparities

John Staton - Sunscreen Secondary Claims- Market differentiation or consumer confusion?

Dr Jürgen Vollhardt - How consumers embrace sun protection worldwide and can we influence it?

Keynote: Prof Terry Slevin - Half-baked, harmful messages for sunburnt country

Dr Christiane Hanay - Modern formulation aspects of sunscreens from the consumer's point of view

Prof Bernt Herzog - The formula for best sunscreen performance – Beer-Lambert’s Law under the microscope

Prof Antony Young - Sunscreen spectral balance for vitamin D and UVA1/visible boundary

Dr Gerald Renner - All cosmetics are equal – are sunscreens more equal? – The EU regulatory approach on sun protection

Dr Jonathan Crowther - Visualising sunscreens using UV photography

Dr Mark Pissavini - Breaking news from ISO WG7 “Sun Protection Test Methods”: Updated and new methods coming (very) soon

Dr Mathias Rohr - HDRS (Hybrid Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy) - the first real change in SPF testing since COLIPA 1994

Pascale Piquemal & Pascale Renoux - Sincere and reliable SPF: focus on the process and quality

Uli Osterwalder - Evaluation of alternative SPF testing methods

32nd IFSCC Congress, London, 19-22 September 2022