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Below you will find the presentation slides of all speakers who were happy for us to distribute to attendees at the Anti Ageing Skin Care Conference 2024 as well as a contact list of all attendees (permission permitting).

These are all password protected and the password will have been provided in your post event email from us. Any questions please contact

Contact List

Click here to access the contact list of all attendees (permission permitting)

Speaker Presentations & Footage
Click on the following links to access the accompanying speaker slides (permission permitting)

Footage will be released within 5 working days of the conference (permission permitting)

Please note: Some materials have not be made available due to content privacy. Please check back on this page, post event for any updates.

Keynote: The Skin Microbiome in Ageing and Options for Microbiome-based Intervention - Professor Andrew McBain, Professor of Microbiology, University of Manchester, UK (Access not permitted)

The Skin Barrier and Ageing: Approaches to Healthy Skin Ageing through Skincare and Lifestyle - Professor David Moore, University of Edinburgh. UK (Access not permitted)

Changes in Facial Anatomy with Age - Dr Neelam Muizzuddin, President, Skin Clinical Research Consultants LLC, USA (Access not permitted)

Searching for Holistic Well-being Beauty Rituals: Daily Facial Massage Benefits - Dr Frederic Flament, Global Head of Claims Science - Evaluation Intelligence, L’Oreal, FRANCE (Access not permitted)

Keynote: The New Frontiers of Longevity Science - Luc Aguilar, R&D Director – Microbiome and Exposome, L’Oreal, FRANCE (Access not permitted)

Mental Beauty: Changing the Dialogue in the Industry - Begoña Sanjuán and Isabel Ramos, Creative Director / CEO & Chief Scientific Officer, AYUNA, SPAIN (Access to slides not permitted)

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Keynote: Lessons from Evolutionary Psychology – a better way to Understand and Care for Ageing Skin - Professor Paul Matts, R&D Vice President, Procter & Gamble, UK (Access not permitted)

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